St.Petersburg shore excursions

St. Petersburg is a port city, and coming to the city via ship is more pleasant and romantic than flying in or coming here by coach. There are many travel companies that organize cruises and excursions. They ensure that you have a good time and not miss any of the sights offered by the city. You can be part of a group, form your own group or make up your own individual itinerary. Whatever you decide, you are guaranteed a good time that will form a part of your pleasant visit of St. Petersburg.

St.Petersburg shore excursions

St.Petersburg Shore excursions are specifically provided to cruise visitors to the city. Your guide will pick you up from your hotel or guest house. The guide will take you around the main sites which include Nevsky Proskept, Alexander Nevsky Lacra, Church of the Savior, Kazan Cathedral, St. Isaac’s Cathedral, Palace Square, the Hermitage and many other places. Some of these places are listed as heritage sites with UNESCO.

Prices of excursions

Prices are quite economical when converted from dollars and excursion prices include transportation and services of a qualified local guide. The cruise will also include the Spit of the Vasilievsky Islands which provides a fantastic view of the city. You will also be taken to see Peter and Paul Fortress and the Field of Mars. You will also be provided unique photographic opportunities and will be taken back to your hotel or other place of residence from where you were picked up. Mercer consulting does rank St Petersburg to be the 2nd most costly city of Russia (subsequent to Moscow of course) & the 12th most costly city of the world. Moscow’s the most costly city of the world but St Petersburg happens to be more costly than such well-known cities as Paris, New York, & Singapore.
Be prepared for higher costs, particularly throughout the season for St Petersburg Travel. A home guide can suggest you reasonably priced hotels, eating places & souvenir shops.
The museums & attractions frequently charge a great deal higher payments for those on a St. Petersburg Tour in comparison to Russian citizens.

Baltic Cruises

Cruises are pretty exciting. Besides visiting exotic places, you have the opportunity of making new friends which will probably add to your pleasure. You might be on a cruise or excursion with people from other countries, or with someone who shares the same interests or hobbies as yourself. This could even save you money as your form a group, or join a group and get a group discount. The possibilities are endless. Who knows, you might even meet up with your soul mate on a cruise or excursion.
The tour guide is basically a well qualified person who is familiar with details about the very colorful history of St. Petersburg. Your guide will also show you historical sites that are connected to the history of the city. This includes the burial place of Peter the Great who founded St. Petersburg and who is buried near the south wall of the Cathedral. You will also learn mysterious facts about Russian Emperors and many unique historical facts.

Time of visiting Saint Petersburg

The main season for St Petersburg Tours is May to September. The White Nights stage is from the closing stages of May to the closing stages of June roughly. This happens to be when the sun does not set and does create a golden blush in the sky throughout the evenings. Between May and August happen to be the high season and there’s able to restricted accessibility of hotels and thus certainly reserve well beforehand.
September is able to be hot with the characteristic «Indian Summer» effect.

Documents for visiting St.Petersburg

Do create color copies of the passport & VISA. Often cruise ship travelers on a coast tour are able to go in VISA free. Though, you ought to forever be having color copies on you because the police force has the right in stopping you and checking your documents.
You are also able to make an electronic reproduction of your documents which you are able to have accessible on the mobile phone.
The most central point here’s that you have got to have ID on you always.

Weather in St Petersburg

With such a lot of open-air wonders exploring the weather conditions can actually influence St. Petersburg Russia Tours or shore excursions.
The city’s windy & it is frequently able to rain. We propose verifying the weather forecast every day and to take an umbrella should there be any indications of rainy weather.
Because the weather is able to change all of a sudden you’re also advised carrying a light sweater / jacket during the summer in the event of a drop in temperature. At night it’s also able to be cold and you’re also suggested to carry something for keeping warm.
This happens to be particularly true if you make your mind up on taking a guided boat visit of the Neva River as well as canals while on your Vacation in St Petersburg.

Russian Souvenirs

On purchasing souvenirs from outdoor marketplaces please do note that you’re able to bargain the costs.
On wishing to purchase art you have to have it licensed as being racially insignificant.
Choosing between a cruise ship shore excursion and a private St Petersburg tour with a local guide doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are some reasons why a private shore excursion might be the best choice for you.
A local private guide can create a tour that can be changed even at the last minute. As there can be inclement weather in St Petersburg, a private guide can move your visit to Peterhof to another day or time and visit the Hermitage if it is raining. Large organized groups do not allow for this possibility.

Save Time with a private guide in St Petersburg

A private guide in a smaller car can navigate the busy streets of St Petersburg faster than a large bus. Large groups move slower, need more toilet breaks, and incur more problems. A private guide in St Petersburg will be working just for you and you will save precious time.
See the City Your Way
There are more amazing attractions in St Petersburg than time to see them. You could spend 1 week in the Hermitage and not see everything. A private St Petersburg guide will help you create a customized tour itinerary with all the attractions you really want to see. Large tour groups do not allow for customization.

Questions for a private guide

With a private guide in St Petersburg you can ask lots of questions and learn even more about the rich culture and history packed into the Northern Capital of Russia. Often in large tour groups clients can feel rushed and there are too many people and only 1 guide to answer questions. A private guide will be there too answer all your questions and create a better experience at each attraction you see.
Choose your Pace
Want more time for a hearty Russian lunch? Prefer to move fast and see as much as you can with your time? Want a more relaxed pace? With a private guide you can experience the city at your own pace and feel more comfortable.

Attractions in St Petersburg, Russia

Usually large tour groups stick to the main attractions and you can miss on attractions which are more interesting for you. For example, perhaps you want to include the musical instruments museum or the Pushkin museum as part of your tour. A private guide in St Petersburg can help you choose the most interesting attractions and organize a visit to each attraction for you. This includes just about anything including a boat tour, dinner at a restaurant, or a night on the town.

Tour with Professional Private guide

Often guides from the cruise ship can be more inexperienced and the tours can be more expensive than a private shore excursion. These guides usually only have experience with the main attractions. A private guide must be more knowledgeable about other attractions and information about St Petersburg. They are the experts that can answer all your questions, except the meaning of life.

Photos and Video of St Petersburg

In a large group you are often prodded from one attraction to the next with little time for photos and video. On a private shore excursion you can take your time and shoot memorable photos and video. Often the private guide can assist you in making photos and video so you can spend more time enjoying the attractions.

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